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Express your creativity

Art is one of the most amazing ways to express your creativity. You will learn tons about your child through their artistic expressions.


Build your confidence

Your child will be encouraged as they create and learn that they have amazing ideas. The impact of this realization will have tremendous benefits.


promote communication

As your child learns to express themselves they will likely find it easier to communicate more effectively in all aspects of their lives.

Cloud 9 Art House is a passion...

Creativity is the essence of life and it is our purpose everyday to help inspire children to find their creativity and hopefully in turn their passions.

Our classes teach everything from the basics to much more advanced techniques. We will get our hands dirty getting to know our supplies and along the way we'll create some wonderful original artworks that you can be proud of for years to come.

If you're finding us without a referral, we welcome you to attend your first class on the house so before putting anything on the line, you can be certain Cloud 9 Art House is the right place for you and your child 🙂


Next Steps...

Come check us out! The first class is always FREE so you can get a feel for the experience. Once you know it's the right fit, we'll help you get enrolled so your child has a place to express their creativity with future classes!